Inefficient systems can cause staff losses - An Access Group White Paper

An Access Group White Paper

Access Group have recently revealed that 32% of workers have felt so frustrated with the time spent completing tasks due to inefficient systems, that they have considered changing job or career. 

Not only that, but 30% admit they have had to miss out on a special occasion because administration times at work were taking too long to complete. Special occasions missed include

  • 12.4 per cent of respondents not being able to attend a family get-together
  • 9.05 per cent missed a partner’s birthday
  • 8.3 per cent missed their child’s birthday

This also has cost to the business. The research has shown that the time wasted with these systems can equate to £28,000 a year on average, more than a full time employee earning the average UK salary, which according to recent statistics from the Office of National Statistics, is £27,200 per annum.

The research is based on a survey of more than 2,000 UK workers in the professional services sector.

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