INNOVA TAXFREE chooses Cezanne OnDemand online HR software to manage their European workforce

INNOVA TAXFREE chooses Cezanne OnDemand online HR software to manage their European workforce
The company, which specialises in Value Added Tax (VAT) refund and tourist payment services for small businesses and high volume stores, has selected Cezanne OnDemand for its speed of deployment and innovative ‘pay as you go’ pricing approach, which eliminates high initial outlay and the hidden costs arising from maintenance and upgrades.
Cezanne Software, the leading European supplier of software for human resources and talent management, has announced that INNOVA TAXFREE GROUP, an international financial services company based in Madrid with some 50 employees, has opted for the Cezanne OnDemand online HR software to help manage their European workforce.
The financial services organisation, formerly known as Euro Refund/Spain Refund, has chosen to modernise their HR processes by using the Cezanne OnDemand SaaS HR solution to provide employees and managers with an intuitive, multilingual HR application. Founded in 2003 by Luciano Ochoa de Abreu as Euro Refund Group, the company is one of only three associates of the Spanish State Tax Administration Agency to process the refund of VAT on purchases made in the European Union by non-EU travellers.
INNOVA TAXFREE GROUP selected Cezanne OnDemand after a demonstration that proved the HR software system’s capabilities to support their operations across different countries and languages. “We were using an agency to manage payroll, but the administration of holidays, sick leave and other events was a headache that had to be done almost manually using spreadsheets”, explains the Group’s Financial Controller, Alicia Maniega. "The Cezanne OnDemand HR solution allows us to optimise our internal processes via the web, gives us more control over the information that’s available to employees, and a better view of the make up and capabilities of our workforce that allows us to operate more effectively”.
Cezanne OnDemand provides a series of reports and data views that allow companies to review employee performance, whatever the size of the company. "What struck me the most was the ability Cezanne OnDemand gives us to analyse data against our key HR indicators; employee turnover, percentage of absence through sickness or other reasons… " says Alicia Maniega. 
The company was independent from the very start. “The implementation was very quick”, explains Manuel Ortega, Product Manager Cezanne Software Ibérica. “The company was given access to the Cezanne OnDemand Software as a Service (SaaS) HR solution in December 2011. After just two days of training, they were able to complete the data load and start working with the People and Absence modules. They are now managing, in real-time, information for the 50 employees they have in Spain and elsewhere.”