Intelligo announces changes in Irish Human Resource and Payroll Legislation

The 2013 Irish Budget saw the Revenue Commissioner confirm that Maternity Benefit will become liable to PAYE from 1st July 2013, however it will be exempt from PRSI and the USC. 
Revenue has confirmed that the taxation of Maternity Benefit, Adoptive Benefit and Health and Safety Benefit will be taxed by Revenue by reducing an employee’s/pensioner’s tax credits and SRCOP with effect from July 1st , 2013.
Commenting on the changes, Director of Intelligo, Padraig Gill said, “These revenue changes will be warmly welcomed by all employers at it means that employers will not be responsible for the taxation of these benefits through payroll as previously anticipated.”
“Revenue confirmed that individuals who pay their tax through the PAYE system will have their annual tax credits and cut-off point reduced by the amount of these payments. Employers/pension providers will be advised of the adjusted tax credits and cut-off points on employer tax credit certificates (P2Cs).”
“There has been a lot of increased responsibility placed on Irish employers and payroll operators this year with the National Property Tax and changes in Maternity, Adoptive and Health and Safety Benefit.” 
Padraig added, “Our aim is to help our Megapay and MegaHR clients deal with these increased duties. Our  customer support help desk will be open Monday to Friday from 9.00am until 5.30pm, should any of our clients need any help or support in relation to the tax.”