Intelligo launches Real Time Information Solution for its UK edition of Megapay

Intelligo, one of the leading HR and Payroll providers in the UK and Ireland, announced today that it has launched its Real Time Information (RTI) solution for the UK edition of Megapay, its leading corporate payroll software.  
Being introduced from April, RTI will require all employers to start providing employee PAYE, National Insurance and Student Loan information to HMRC at or before point of payment and not just year-end as previously done. 
Intelligo’s Director Padraig Gill explains, “Real Time Information (RTI) is the most fundamental change to the UK PAYE system in decades. Employers will have to provide detailed employee information (up to 130 items of data per employee) at the time they make each and every wage or salary payment. That’s in stark contrast with the current PAYE regime where employers simply make returns to HMRC, with no obligation to provide supporting documentation until the end of each tax year.”
“We have invested a large amount of time and resources over the last few months in developing Megapay to meet these new legislative changes. We have worked very closely with our customers to ensure that Megapay’s RTI function meets the new criteria and we are pleased to announce that Megapay is fully RTI ready! 
Padraig added, “Our aim is to help our clients deal with the increased duties that have been placed on employers this year. We are really pleased to offer our clients an approved solution which will take the strain out of RTI.”