International PEO and payroll solution


Vendor Name: Acumen International

Product(s): International PEO and payroll solution


Acumen International renders fully managed international PEO and payroll solution in 150+ countries around the world to help companies that have selected international full-time talent to help grow their business engage and reward the talent in full compliance with in-country labor rules and regulations. This is achieved by means of official full-time global employment of global workforces. This is the easiest, least risky way to have a distant outreach in another land without local business entities and/or large budgets. Whether your company needs to employ one worker or a remote team, we can act as their legal employer in any country of your choice. We manage monthly payroll and HR administration, pay allowances and benefits, and make detailed reporting on your dispersed global workforce compensation. We can sponsor work permits and visas for your expatriate personnel and render recruitment and Meet & Greet services upon your request. With our knowledge and deep understanding of local nuances, you can trust that your foreign employees satisfy all local tax, social security, and immigration requirements. Our  international PEO and payroll solution helps you maximize the potential of top global talent with minimum compliance risks and liabilities and no need to set up your own expensive local business entities. To request a fully compliant employment solution, call us at 44 (203) 468-8777.


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