Introducing Rue Stanley of ecobusiness exchange

Rue Stanley
Ecobusiness Exchange - Sustainability as a Service
I would like to start a debate with the HR community about what sustainability means.
Currently most organisations think this means compliance with legislation and cutting their carbon emissions- HR leaders can quite rightly say- what has that got to do with us?
There is another side to a sustainable organisation and this is the softer skills side which is about ethical behaviour: Human rights, fairness, equality of opportunity and good citizenship.
All these aspects are becoming more important to employees, customers and investors. Recent scandals related to unethical, unfair practices are costing companies dearly, in the short term financially and in the longer term ruining their reputations. Think of the recent tax/ horsemeat scandals and child labour in the supply chain. When companies are found out practising poor ethics, surely HR’s role in recruiting and retaining talent gets much harder as morale plummets.
I would like to explore how HR leaders can take the lead in a greater concern for company ethics and human rights. Which we have already seen in practical terms with HR taking the lead in training staff in the new anti-bribery legislation and for human rights- ensuring that there are robust policies regarding diversity and equality of opportunity.
Promoting the company as an ethical employer, using corporate responsibility as a vehicle for developing skills and communicating with employees could be areas that offer HR leaders opportunities to improve company performance. Develop their own careers while taking part in a global debate with other leaders.
If you would like to explore this topic with me, I will be publishing a series of blogs over the next few weeks and holding an event on the 12th April in London for HR Leaders.
HR Leaders Event  London 12th April 2013