[Ireland] Workplace etiquette voted easiest to understand

Ireland’s workplace etiquette has been declared the “easiest to understand” in Europe, Dublin Live reports.

Ireland came number two worldwide and top in Europe in the results of an extensive global survey which said foreign workers relocating to Ireland found it very straightforward to adapt to the local business culture. The poll was conducted by InterNations, a global community and information site for people working and living abroad.

With its business customs and traditions ranked as among the easiest to adopt, Ireland was beaten to the global top spot by Singapore. At the opposite end of the chart, the survey discovered immigrants based in China, Japan and Saudi Arabia find it hard to understand the local business etiquette and make more workplace errors.

Malte Zeeck - the CEO of InterNations - responded to Ireland’s high placement and the praise its workplace customs received from 7 out of 10 expats. She said, "It is very interesting to see that Ireland was voted the easiest European country in which to understand the business etiquette. On a global scale, Ireland only comes behind  Singapore."

"What is even more impressive is the wide gap between Ireland and third-placed Estonia,” Ms Zeeck continued, "Just 60 per cent of expats who recently arrived in Estonia find it easy to understand the local business etiquette, while 71 per cent agree in Ireland. That is an 11 percentage point difference.”

"When it comes to the UK, the difference is even bigger. Just 54 per cent find it easy to understand the local business etiquette in the UK, which is 17 percentage points less than in Ireland."

Ms Zeeck acknowledged that the findings did not pinpoint exactly why expats appear to adapt so well to Ireland's workplace customs but she added, "While we didn't ask the survey respondents why they find it easy to get used to the business culture, it may have something to do with the general attitude of the Irish. In another survey, Ireland came in 6th in the world for both the general friendliness of the population and the ease of getting used to the local culture."

The top ten nations with coherent business etiquette:

  1. Singapore
  2. Ireland
  3. Estonia
  4. Panama
  5. Australia
  6. Philippines
  7. USA
  8. Kenya
  9. United Kingdom
  10. Canada