[Kurdistan] One billion dinar healthcare salary robbery

Police have yet to identify thieves who stole more than $84million (1 billion Iraqi dinars) during a raid on a van in Sulaimani, Rudaw reports.

The van was transporting the salaries of city healthcare employees when it was stopped by gunmen on a busy Sulaimani street.

A police source said, “A Sulaimani Health vehicle transporting salaries of employees from Rashid Bank was stopped by a vehicle on Tuesday on a road between Orzdi and Ibrahim Pasha Streets and the money was stolen.”

Another source told Rudaw the amount taken, estimated to be in excess of one billion IQD. The salaries came from Shar Hospital.

Rekawt Hamarashid, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) health minister, said, “We ensure the medics and employees of Shar Hospital that their salaries will not vanish and they will be happy with the decision of the payment of salaries...just like other civil servants.”

He added that Sulaimani security forces would capture the “stingy robbers as soon as possible.”

The Ministry of Finance said they will wait for the results of the investigation and then make a decision about the future of the case.

Nothing is yet known about the condition of the van driver and two bank employees inside.