Looking for Talent? It could be closer then you think

Looking for talent...? It could be closer than you think

The Institute of Directors (IoD) has warned private sector companies that they are being ‘held back’ due to a skills shortage amongst the workforce. This news comes hot on the heels of comments made by the Learning and Skills Network (LSN) earlier in the month, which alerted us to the risk of stagnant growth in the UK if the country’s current skills strategy remains unchanged (as reported by HR Magazine 08/12/10).

Many business leaders are calling upon the Government to shake up the business environment, in order to release much-needed financial resources that could be better spent on staff training and development.

Elsewhere though it is being argued that employers must do more in order to avoid a sustained slump in skills investment and national competitiveness. So as many organisations begin to consider their 2011 budgets, it is perhaps timely to think about learning and development strategies for the year ahead. For example:

  • If/when vacancies arise within your company don’t automatically feel you have to begin an external recruitment drive, as it is highly likely that suitable candidates will already exist internally. With Cascade’s .NET software solution you can evaluate the skills and competencies of current employees and search for matches of potential applicants to vacancies. Not only does this encourage career progression, boost employee morale and aid staff retention, but this overcomes potential cultural fit issues that could arise with unfamiliar candidates
  • For many businesses developing a skills strategy or training plan could be a daunting task and a ‘step into the unknown’. However Cascade’s learning and development module can manage the entire process – from identifying skills gaps and training needs, to creating a training plan and budget, to measuring ROI delivered as a result.

Occasionally it may be more cost-effective to recruit, but the fact is that intuitive technology now exists to gives HR and business managers alike the power of “what if?” This allows for a considered, strategic decision to be made, and provides a more holistic overview of an organisation’s skills status at any given point in time.

No organisation can afford to stand still, especially in the current climate. So whether you have an immediate skills concern, or whether you’re cleverly looking at succession planning, make sure learning and development does not fall off your business agenda in 2011.

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