Manchester Community Transport, selects Cezanne OnDemand HR software


Manchester Community Transport (MCT) provides accessible, yet affordable transport to passengers who can benefit from more specialised services and vehicles. As a ‘non-profit’ making organisation, it is important for MCT to make the most of their resources and ensure value in all of their investments.

The organisation has selected Cezanne OnDemand HR software to help them streamline and improve the way they manage their people.
Rob Marshall, Director MCT explains. “Like any not-for-profit organisation, our employees and our volunteers are our biggest asset, but managing them had also become one of our biggest administrative overheads. We are a classic example of an organisation that had outgrown manual and paper-based HR processes. Our HR data was all over the place – various spreadsheets, bits of paper and multiple copies of the same information sat in different offices! We weren’t able to easily report on HR data, and standard HR processes, like annual leave, had become a nightmare to manage”.
“We realised that we needed an HR software system to help us manage our people and processes in a much more organised and efficient way.”
Cloud-based HR solution a key selection criterion 
Rob had already identified that a cloud-based HR solution was the best option for them. “An in-house HR system wouldn’t have worked for us. We’re based at a number of different locations, and connectivity would have been a problem. We also didn’t want to incur the additional overhead of having to implement, manage and maintain HR software in house”, he explains. 
With cloud-based HR solutions, all of the hardware and software required to deliver the solution is managed by the vendor. All the customer needs is access to the internet. Rob says Cezanne’s zero cost updates were a benefit too. “It’s good to know that we’ll keep getting new features as they are released” he says. The security of their HR data was another concern, and Rob established early on that Cezanne OnDemand not only had an appropriate technology infrastructure, but was independently certified for ISO27001 – an international standard that provides a best practice framework for managing confidential or sensitive corporate information so that it remains secure.
Rob explains that they considered a number of other HR solutions but found that they were “Either too simple or required too much effort on our part to configure them around our business needs”. The selling process was important too. Rob especially liked the way that Cezanne was able to show how the solution fitted to their needs – rather than following a standard demonstration script.
Flexibility, friendliness and transparency
Rob says they selected the Cezanne OnDemand HR software for a number of reasons. “We really liked the self-service interface. It’s very straightforward to use, and the system manages the mix between being simple to use, yet still offer the sophistication to cope with complexity where needed. For example, with Cezanne OnDemand we’re able to set up and manage multiple absence plans. As lots of our staff have different working patterns, this level of flexibility is very important to us – as is the HR systems’ ability to automatically calculate holiday entitlements based on our terms and conditions.
As a not-for-profit, the ‘pay as you go’ monthly subscription pricing – and special discount available to registered charities and not-for-profits - was also very attractive. “It’s very straight forward and transparent, with no mandatory set up fee. We could have paid Cezanne to help us with the initial data transfer, but we prefer to enter the data manually as it’s a good opportunity to check that it’s OK,” he explains. 
MCT has chosen to implement modules for HR administration and employee self-service, absence management and performance management to cover their 86 employees and volunteers. The flexibility of the cloud solution means that MCT were able to go from first demo to live data entry in just over a week.
“We recognise that charities and not for profit organisations, like MCT, are working hard to make our world a better place”, says Carlo Ugdulena, CEO of Cezanne Software. “We’re delighted to be able to support them by offering a special discount on the monthly subscription fee for Cezanne OnDemand. A good HR system, especially one that’s delivered as Software as a Service, will help charities and not for profits increase efficiency without adding complexity, so staff and volunteers can focus on the work that really counts.”