Maternity Rights whilst on Maternity Leave in the UK - A Learn Centre webinar



If you have responsibility for staff in the UK, you need to know the rights of employees whilst they are on maternity leave. Failure to comply with all your statutory obligations could result in expensive and avoidable claims through an Employment Tribunal.
Join our webinar to explore these issues in detail and discover:
  • What your obligations are as an employer
  • What “Keeping In Touch” (KIT) days are and how much you have to pay for them
  • The effect of pay rises on the payment of Statutory Maternity Pay (The so-called Alabaster decision from the European Court of Justice).
  • What effect salary sacrifice arrangements have on statutory maternity pay
  • How to avoid risk and comply with the law
Our webinar will feature interaction and Q&A with Ken, a chance to network with other payroll professionals, and of course everything you need to know about Maternity Leave and Rights.
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