MidlandHR achieves 100 per cent success rate for FPS and EPS file submissions under RTI pilot

HMRC has confirmed that MidlandHR’s RTI software has proven itself to be exceptionally reliable for submitting data using the new Real Time Information reporting method. 100% of FPS (Full Payment Submission) and EPS (Employer Payment Submission) files were submitted to HMRC successfully. All but one of the EAS (Employer Alignment Submission) files submitted were successful. The data covers submissions made since the RTI controlled go-live commenced on 10th April 2012 up until 31st January 2013.
Bob Newsome, Strategic Payroll Consultant explains: “It is pleasing to see that the software is working as expected. We have put significant effort into making sure that our RTI solution would be extremely reliable for our customers. We built HMRC’s RTI schema into our solution to ensure that inaccurate files cannot be created. This will reduce the inconvenience of inaccurate files being rejected. Some other suppliers have not achieved this.”
Newsome adds: “The one unsuccessful EAS submission was found to be down to user error. This highlights the need for organisations to ensure they are properly prepared for their first submission.”