More improvements from Small Improvements HR software


Among some of the enhancements to the Small Improvements HR software are:

 360 degree feedback, revamped

The 360 degree review module has been rewritten to be a lot more streamlined now; you can now ask 5 independent questions, get a neat unified report per person, and everything is totally customisable:
You can now adjust the feedback anonymity level, for instance so that the reviewee cannot determine who wrote the feedback while the reviewee's manager can. HR and indirect managers always have access to 360 degree feedback, and HR can always unveil improper 360 degree feedback if required. You may now make the 360 process entirely manager-driven. And we've added a per-paragraph feedback-splitter, so that all feedback by a person gets split into small chunks and shuffled in between everyone else's feedback, meaning the feedback is at least 200% anonymous! :) But the split-by-paragraph feature can be switched off as well of course. You'll find the documentation about 360 degree reviews on our website
Improvements to Objectives and Performance Reviews
Objectives. You can now have threaded discussions per each objective. Objectives timeframes are more flexible, so for instance you can give managers two extra weeks to work on their reports' objectives, before locking down objective-editing entirely. We now have objective-categories, and you can filter by them. Objective status is customisable, so you can change colours and names. There's a priority field so you can order your objectives, and staff can disable the objective reminder emails.
Categorise and filter your company's objectives, using a clickable pie chart.
Performance reviews: You can now add a rating dropdown to each performance review topic. The secondary reviewer is now a lot more prominent, and you can see who you're in charge of. Sending nudges in bulk is easier, and you can see when previous nudges were sent. Creating reviews for entire departments is more convenient, and you can copy review cycle settings easily too. And you can customise reviews so that both parties need to share their assessment before they can see the other parties assessment. Neat!
Administration improvements: We added time zone support, https support, deadlines for review cycles can be specified by the hour of the day, you can find out which users have not logged in yet, long admin screens perform faster, terms like "performance review" can be customised, review cycles don't require a status field anymore (it's all timeline-based now), deleting non-filled reviews doesn't ask 'are you sure' anymore, dropping the sample users is easier, and much more!
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