[New York] McDonald's will end their lobbying against minimum wage

New York (CNN Business) - McDonald’s will end their lobbying against raising worker’s pay in line with the minimum wage, CNN Business reports.

The company reportedly made the announcement in its letter to the National Restaurant Association. The letter (first obtained by Politico) was from vice president of US government relations for McDonald’s, Genna Gent.

Ms Gent wrote, "Going forward, McDonald's Corporation will not use our resources, including lobbyists or staff, to oppose minimum wage increases at the federal, state or local levels. Nor will we participate in the association advocacy efforts designed expressly to defeat wage increases." Adding that the company believes increases should be “phased in”.

The National Restaurant Association represents companies in the food-service industry. It said, in a statement, "Our members are as diverse as the communities they serve, and the economies of every region are different."

McDonald's has been a long-term target of wage increase activists. The Fight for 15 - which puts together protests to pressure companies into an increased hourly minimum wage of $15 - has challenged McDonald's to raise their wages.

Labour advocates welcome the change. Senator Bernie Sanders responded to the news in a tweet, "This is a victory for thousands of workers," he wrote. Adding, "We will keep fighting until McDonald's workers and all others are paid a living wage of at least $15 an hour.”

In 2015 McDonald's raised the salaries of around 90,000 workers, as CNN Business previously reported. At that time the company stated an intention for starting wages to be at least $1 an hour above the minimum wage set by local law.