[Nigeria] Two ex-pat oil workers abducted

Nigeria (Blueprint) - The abduction of two expatriate oil workers from a rig in Abua community, Rivers, has been confirmed by The Joint Task Force, Blueprint reports.

The Joint Task Force (JTF)  - known as Operation Delta Safe - confirmed that a Scottish and a Canadian worker were taken by gunmen while working at an oilfield offshore, operated by Niger Delta Petroleum Recourses. The oilfield is at Abua-Odual Local Government of Rivers.

The spokesman for the JTF in Niger Delta - Major Ibrahim Abdullahi - reportedly said the JTF was working to free the oil workers. He said troops from the joint force were on the trail of the kidnappers and would ensure the captives were freed unhurt.

He told oil firms operating in the Niger Delta region to make sure they had made adequate security arrangements for their employees at oilfields.

”The report of the incident got to us on April 27, some gunmen visited the rig belonging to Niger Delta Petroleum Resources and carried out the attack and kidnapped two expatriates. Their nationalities were not given,” Major Abdullahi said.

He continued, ”We mobilised to comb the swamp but to no avail; we couldn’t arrest the perpetrators. Efforts have been intensified to rescue and arrest culprits, but we have also advised the management to provide adequate security to their operations.”