Pain of public sector redundancies eased by HR experts


NorthgateArinso, the global HR software and services provider and HR consultancy partner Chiumento have announced the launch of a new outplacement service aimed at helping public sector organisations and their employees through the difficult process of making redundancies.

As the public sector faces substantial cuts to reduce the deficit, thousands of workers are expected to be made redundant. This new service will provide assistance to employees who are facing redundancy and aims to ease their transition into new roles. It will do this by offering practical advice from trained consultants on topics such as CV writing and interview preparation as well as providing access to a telephone helpline and online learning services.

David Wightman, head of business development at Chiumento, said, “with recent reports suggesting that 600,000 people in the public sector could lose their jobs in the next five years, employers owe a duty of care to help them find work again and they need to protect their own reputation as a good employer. Redundancy can be a positive change for employees who take advantage of the opportunity to start a fresh career, but they are likely to need help to do this. Traditionally, outplacement services have only been offered to senior execs. However, our new service has been designed to suit employees of all levels, not just senior management.”

Rue Stanley, alliances and partnerships director at NorthgateArinso said, “when faced with the prospect of redundancy people often see it as an opportunity to reflect and change their career. This service will help to guide people through this process by giving advice about training opportunities and even setting up your own business.”“Our research shows that 70 per cent of people using outplacement services are back in work within six months. Tough times are undoubtedly ahead for the public sector, but this service for employees at least, will ease the burden and get people back into work as quickly as possible,” continued Stanley.