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Vendor Name: Cogendo

Product(s): PerformanceHub


PerformanceHub from Cogendo is a not only a simple to use, intuitive online tool that will revolutionise your performance management process, but its also a great operational tool everyone will benefit from. Turn your performance management process into the driving force in your company, focussing and aligning your employees on what needs to get done.
PerformanceHub automates much of the process with real-time alerts and notifications, reducing admin for all involved, especially HR and managers. Reports can be generated instantly at any time, so you always know who your top performers are without having to wait for appraisals to be returned and collated. Beautifully animated graphs give a deep insight into your company’s performance, tracking the process,  employee performance and deliverables against company goals all in real-time.
Because PerformanceHub can be used to plan and execute against deliverables throughout the review period, objectives never go stale and employees are always assessed against work they actually did. This leads to higher engagement and better reviews because review data is collected throughout the entire review period. When it comes to the end of period appraisal, much of the work has already been done, reducing the appraisal overhead. Performance reviews are now not seen as something that’s done "as well as the day job” but part of everyday operational delivery.
PerformanceHub uniquely connects all objectives together in a navigable cascade, people can see what they need to do, why they need to do it, how it contributes to their peers and team all the way up to the company goals. If anything changes in the cascade, anyone who needs to know is automatically informed, keeping objectives fresh and reviews relevant.
CEOs and COOs can see how company objectives are decomposed into the organisation, track progress against them and see where the effort is going. PerformanceHub highlights if a large proportion of the organisation have objectives that are not contributing to company goals, leading to higher operational efficiencies.
Our customers love how easy PerformanceHub is to use, how configurable it is and how it helps teams work together, even if they work in different countries.
PerformanceHub is used by all sorts of companies, from small start-ups to large corporations in 17 counties around the world.
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Marlow, United Kingdom



Unique Selling Proposition(s)

  • Free trial
  • Easy set-up
  • Highly configurable
  • No software to install
  • Conforms to the UK Data Protection Act
  • Supports:
    • Matrix management
    • Competency based reviews
    • Appraisal balancing and levelling
    • Interim reviews
    • Grandfathering
    • Privacy
    • Transparency controls
    • Role definitions, job titles and locations
    • Different organisation types (Company, Charity, School)
    • Organisation charts
  • 50x return on investment

Number of Users

UK: 10
USA: 3
Rest of the World: 2

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