Renishaw and Talentia HR software - interview

MEDIA CASE STUDY SYNOPSIS:  How Renishaw achieves global data visibility through Talentia Software’s HCM system
“The breadth of information stored on the system streamlines our processes and enables us to make critical decisions based on facts. Talentia Software has provided Renishaw with a very stable HR platform that continues to evolve.”
Gwyn Jones, Personnel Manager, Renishaw
Renishaw is a global engineering company based in Gloucestershire with core skills in measurement, motion control, spectroscopy and precision machining. Operating in 32 countries around the world and with a total workforce of almost 3,500 staff, Renishaw works closely with Talentia Software to manage the flow of essential HR information throughout the business. Talentia’s HCM solution provides key headcount information to Renishaw’s Board and enables responsive reporting decisions to be made through employee profiling, skills identification and salary comparisons. 
Key benefits:
·         Software enables Renishaw to control costs within the organisation and keep revenues balanced
·         The broad solution is a key information source for appraisals and addressing performance
·         Customised system incorporates talent management, recruitment and training functionality
·         Photographs and key information on each member of Renishaw staff are held on the global system
·         Data can be easily converted into graphs, making complex information quick to interpret.
Talentia Software’s HCM solution has enabled Renishaw’s UK-based central HR team to successfully manage the human resource function across the global Group. The platform will be used by employees across the Group – including 2,221 members of UK staff – and provides the company with the ability to assist employees to maximise their capabilities and advance their careers.
The system enables information to be easily exported to either Sharepoint or onto a server and this process is continually carried out in the background for added security of critical information. Through this approach, Renishaw has one clear point of data entry that can be strictly managed, ensuring that all HR information has been accurately entered.
Renishaw has worked closely with Talentia Software UK’s Managing Director, Julie Windsor, for nearly two decades to ensure that this solution is continually enhanced and developed to support business needs. The firm cites Talentia’s “ability to draw on historic knowledge” and the continuity of service as fundamental to the success of the system over such a long period of time.
Following on from the above study, Julie Windsor , Managing Director  of Talentia Software UK was able to answer some questions put by GPAcomparison:
HRC: Could you describe in a little more detail how Renishaw management use the HR information?

JW: Renishaw’s UK-based central HR team currently manages the human resource function and maintains associated information for the rest of the company worldwide, covering a total workforce of almost 3,500 staff. This central team runs regular headcount reports for the whole company; these reports are provided to the Board and the data is fed into SharePoint. The data includes: hierarchies; reporting lines; location; department and salaries, as well as absence and sickness information. This data informs Renishaw’s training and recruitment needs and other strategic decisions.
HRC: Is information entered remotely by the territories, or is all input handled in one location? If the latter, would the software enable the former method of working?
 JW: Information is currently inputted by Renishaw’s HR administrators in the UK and Ireland but the company intends to make this functionality available across all locations globally in the future. This will allow managers in each location to access key metrics regarding local teams and manage requirements.
HRC: Are triggers and work flow part of the system configured for Renishaw?

JW: Yes; the system’s self-service functionality enables employees to access a number of workflows including absence requests and updating personal details. Triggers are also in place to highlight key dates including notice periods, probation, retirement, overdue placement dates and professional qualification expiry dates.
HRC: How does the recruitment function interlock with the onboarding process?

JW: Recruitment and onboarding is managed through the same system. As soon as a candidate has accepted a role with the company, the system automatically creates a person/employee record in the system and automatically pre-populates the person’s position details. The central HR team can then manage all relevant documents including contracts and references, while self-service enables the employee to input their own details.
HRC: As a natural progression from appraisals, how is the software used to identify and monitor developmental needs?
JW: Renishaw currently produces reports that can be used to identify individual developmental needs. The system’s self-service functionality allows businesses to carry out appraisals and then identify skill gaps and development needs.
HRC: Can actual performance against targets be measured in real time?

JW: Yes; Talentia’s performance management functionality allows organisations to measure performance against targets in real-time by way of visual dashboards.

About Julie Windsor
Biography: Julie Windsor, Managing Director of Talentia Software UK
A graduate of Cambridge University, Julie started her career in the software industry with a leading financial services company and later moved to a subsidiary of US giant, Control Data, where she was responsible for introducing solutions targeted at HR. Recognising that new developments in software were about to change the face of HR, Julie was part of a team that formed HRM Software, which focused on talent management solutions for major international businesses. As a director and board member of HRM Software, Julie worked with over 50% of the top 100 UK companies and helped to turn it into the market leader in its field. After the merger with Cezanne Software in 2006, Julie was appointed Director of Operations for the UK and Benelux and was a member of the board. Following the acquisition of Cezanne Software Holding Limited by Talentia Software (formerly known as Lefebvre) in 2013, Julie is Managing Director of Talentia Software UK and on the board of Talentia Software Holding Limited.