Road to Review Guide by Advanced Business Solutions

Road to Review Guide by Advanced Business Solutions
Before you start… 
It is essential that before you embark on a review of any system within your organisation that you are clear of your reasons for reviewing and the rationale for investing the time in doing so.

A governance framework for the review is essential as is equipping yourself with adequate resources. So, how do you know when it is time to review? 

Here are some common reasons organisations use as indicators:

Existing system is discontinued or is no longer supported

Outdated technology means the current system can’t support web access or mobile devices

Consolidation and integration of HCM processes into a single system

Reducing manual administration through automation of processes

Significant growth either organically or through acquisition

Better integration across the back office

Enhanced visibility, efficiency or control of internal processes
Existing system is cumbersome and expensive to maintain

If any of the above are true of your organisation or your current system then maybe it’s time for a review?

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