Royal Academy of Dance empowers employees with Access self-service HR solution

One of the world’s most influential dance educators and training organisations, Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), has invested in new HR software from Access. RAD will save time with reporting processes like monthly headcount, be able to centralise information, and concentrate on business strategy following the implementation of SelectHR.
Debbie Bolton, head of human resources at RAD, said, “We had no specific HR software in place and were using spreadsheets and various other systems. This couldn’t deal with the amount of staff we have, and wasn’t robust enough for us to monitor absence, headcounts, or do any significant reporting.” The new HR solution from Access will be rolled out to all 120 permanent staff as well as freelancers and casual workers.
SelectHR’s self-service module will allow RAD to have a central policy repository. “Our remote casual staff and freelancers have no access to documentation. We’ve been emailing and posting paper copies – which is inefficient and time consuming. With our new solution we’ll have all the policy and procedures documentation that staff need to do their job in one place,” Debbie continued.
The HR team at RAD are looking forward to the improvements in record keeping and reporting. “Something simple like calculating headcounts used to take us half a day, it was so time consuming we were only doing this quarterly rather than monthly. Now we’ll be able to get this information at the touch of a button because it will just be there. Our auditors have always been keen for us to provide this information, so SelectHR will also help with compliance,” said Debbie.
The HR team at the RAD know they’ll benefit from a more efficient system. “With the time that SelectHR frees up we’re going to be able to react to improved management information, plan for the future and put initiatives in place that positively impact the business. Rather than just focus on coping with the administration we’re going to be able to reinforce some of RAD’s organisational values, particularly in terms of valuing our staff and empowering them to make creative and significant contributions to the business as a whole. SelectHR will give me and the HR team the space of time to do this,” concluded Debbie.
RAD’s future plans may include company-wide integration into Access’ payroll and finance solutions as it continues to look for a system that will support its future growth and directly supports its strategic aim of being a well managed, well funded and well governed organisation.