Safe questionnaire builder for Appraisals


Are you running around interviewing for 360 degree appraisals?

Don’t! Did you know software could do that for you?

Around this time of year companies review budgets and in line with other internal reviews, conduct appraisals. For the last year or two, there has been a trend shift towards 360 degree appraisals and away from the traditional linear approach where an employee is reviewed purely by their direct line manager.

360 degree appraisals are seen as more fair than the traditional approach, allowing for more resources within the organisation to comment on the progress and needs of the employee. Of course all that seeking comments on everyone from numerous people, internal and sometimes external to the organisation, can mean one thing to those who work in human resources. Basically, it is seen as an awful lot of interviewing and paper work.

The Safe EMS team have developed a questionnaire builder, in which HR personnel can input questions for any process.

One of the main ways in which this tool could be used to instantly justify spend and save hours of administration time is to form questionnaires which capture information as part of a 360 degree appraisal process. Questions could be tailored to the nature of the role of the employee being appraised.

For instance, questions like ‘what have they done well?’ or ‘what are their strengths?’ or even ‘what are their weaknesses?’ could be set. Questions could even be built to steer capture of information for future HR processes, such as ‘what extra training is needed?’ as an example.

As a modular system, the questionnaire builder can be added and integrated easily with Safe EMS and MyView and there is even another module dedicated to 360 degree appraisals as part of the suite. This module collates the information captured by the questionnaire builder tool and allows results to be collated and easily displayed in dashboard view. This makes management information easy to display and share internally and significantly reduces the administration collation process for HR professionals.

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