Safe Screening latest pre-employment & compliance technology webinars



Safe Screening latest pre-employment and compliance technology webinars


You are invited to attend a webinar covering the importance of pre-employment screening and compliance checking. As part of this we will be demonstrating some of the latest technology to help you manage the screening and compliance process. 


Agenda (45 minute overview):


10am           Introduction to pre-employment screening and what checks are available
10.20am      Demonstration of latest technology
10.45pm      Q&As, close


If you are unsure of what is required of you, or have challenges in how you manage the screening and compliance process, please take the opportunity to log on and watch one of our free webinars on one of the following dates:


Friday 9 May: 


Friday 23 May: or 


Wednesday 4 June: or 


Friday 20 June: or 


Friday 4 July: or 


Friday 18 July: or 


Wednesday 30 July: or 


Friday 15 August: or 


Friday 29 August: or 


Friday 12 September: or 


Friday 26 September: or 


Friday 10 October: or 


Friday 24 October: or 


Friday 7 November: or 


Friday 21 November: or 


Thursday 4 December: or 


Friday 19 December: or 


If you have any difficulty using any of the above links to register, simply and use our enquire online form.