Samskip Multimodal Container Logistics selects the Cezanne OnDemand online HR software solution


Samskip Multimodal Container Logistics has experienced steady growth and broadening of their service portfolio. The company is now one of the largest European short sea and multimodal container transport companies in Europe.
Samskip Multimodal Container Logistics recognized that, with a growing number of employees to support, they needed an HR software solution that would help them manage their human resources much more efficiently.
Elaine Pelisson, HR Manager based at the Samskip Multimodal Container Logistics headquarters in Rotterdam explains “We were managing employee data using Excel spreadsheets, which were getting increasingly time consuming to maintain, and didn’t give us the information that we required to support the business. We wanted an HR system that we could implement quickly and cost-effectively, that could be used on a global basis and that would not only give our HR team instant access to the information we need, but allow us to provide a much better level of service to both managers and employees.”
After considering a number of different HR software applications, Elaine selected Cezanne OnDemand. She says: “We particularly liked Cezanne’s approach – not only the range of HR functionality provided by the system but the fact that we are able to get up and running very quickly without having to rely on an IT department or other internal teams. Because we are using the service online, we’ve got none of the administrative overheads or financial risks associated with traditional HR systems – and Cezanne takes care of the system updates too.”
The company plans to take advantage of Cezanne’s data upload service to help them speed up the transfer of data for their 230 employees in the Netherlands into the Cezanne OnDemand system. They’ll then extend the system to cover employees in the other offices, before introducing employee and manager self-service. The company has also taken the Performance Management module, with the aim to roll it out in time for the next appraisal cycle.
“I am really excited about the opportunities offered by Cezanne OnDemand,” says Elaine, It’s going to give us a much better handle on key issues – and we’re taking costs out of the business by cutting down on administration and duplication of effort.”