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Schedule24 Professional is a Windows® software application which enables business and operational managers to deliver efficiencies in any workplace operating extended or 24 hour working.
It delivers a comprehensive workflow capable of managing all the staff and operational information needed. It can be used independently of HR systems, and does not require specialist IT support. It is easily installed on existing office computers, offers a shallow learning curve similar to standard office suite software. For team leaders and line supervisors managing a demanding workplace, Schedule24 Professional offers the fastest ROI for the lowest cost across the high performance workplace.
Below are just some of the benefits you´ll enjoy by choosing Schedule24™ Professional:
• Quick, easy installation on your local computers or network, without the need for specialized IT support
• Seamless management of complex operations, including extended and 24-hour workplace environments
• Full compliance with current workplace legislation
• Higher levels of employee satisfaction, loyalty, and fulfilment
• Reduced turnover rates and employee training costs
• Immediate assessment of staffing cost impact
• Quick analysis of staff availability, working hours, rest periods, and thresholds, allowing you to resolve conflicts and ensure staff well-being
• Reduced risk of labor disputes
• Flexible, responsive managers with the tools and resources to make informed staffing decisions
Whether you´re administering a busy hospital with dozens of doctors and nurses, running a restaurant with a staff of 10, or managing freight transport in the busiest shipping lane in the world, Schedule24™ Professional gives you greater control over your employees´ efficiency and job satisfaction, significantly boosting your bottom line.
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