Selecting and Implementing HR & Payroll Software ‘A Practical Guide’


Selecting and Implementing HR & Payroll Software ‘A Practical Guide’


Probably the biggest – and potentially most risky – undertaking for any Human Resources or payroll professional is the selection of new software, and it’s almost certain that they will be involved with such a project at some point in their career.

Historically, the failure rate has been alarmingly high, and much time and money has been wasted buying the wrong systems, or not implementing the right ones correctly. What is worse, is the legacy of fear of failure and general cynicism surrounding subsequent efforts to introduce what is, after all, an essential tool for any organisation of substance.

Denis Barnard is a consultant specialising in the selection of HR & payroll systems, and other HR Information Systems (HRIS), and is acknowledged as one of the UK’s leading experts in the field. He is equally as well-known in the industry as the original founder of the premier website for professionals to initiate their search for the right software.

Drawing on his extensive of experience, Denis has produced a guide that gives a blueprint to approaching the whole question of selection, as well as crucial insight to the mechanics of the implementation process, with the express aim of reducing the risks attached to this type of project.

Written in a step-by-step style and with the aim of taking the mystery out of this key activity, this is a “must have” for any practitioner’s bookshelf or organisational library resource.

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