SiteMinder selects Cezanne’s HR Software for its rich functionality and ease of use

SiteMinder provides the Cloud-based technology that helps hotels and other accommodation providers maximise their presence on-line, increase their revenue and reduce the admin associated with bookings.  The business, which started in Australia, now employs 60 people in the UK and Europe and is experiencing rapid growth.
Brendon Rogers, General Manager EMEA, recognised that SiteMinder had outgrown its previous single-user HR system and started to look around for a multiple-user solution that would be capable of growing alongside the business. 
Cezanne OnDemand appealed because of the depth of its functionality and online delivery. “There are a quite a few Cloud-based HR software products on the market, but we felt that none of them were being particularly well-developed. Cezanne OnDemand was the only one that looked like a business grade, fully functioning system.” explained Brendon. 
“We wanted a Software-as-a-Service solution so that we didn’t have to buy or run anything ourselves,” he added. “As an online HR system, it’s much easier to manage than in-house alternatives, and we can be confident that it will scale to support our business. ”The solution is hosted in the Cloud, which means there is no need for users to invest in expensive hardware or constantly update software.  They simply log on via a secure server and can access the information they need from wherever they may be.
SiteMinder was able to get up and running with the system very quickly and with minimal training and has now been using it for six months.  One of the biggest benefits has been an immediate reduction in the admin time associated with managing annual leave.  Thanks to the self-service element of the product, employees are now able to log onto the system themselves to check how much annual leave they have left and can submit a holiday request electronically to their manager.
“We had a manual system for holiday requests before and were wasting loads of time sending bits of paper round,” explained Brendon.  “Now employees know exactly where they stand in terms of holiday without having to ask and department heads can manage their own teams instead of everything having to go through one person. “
Cezanne OnDemand has also helped the business improve transparency around areas such as sick leave.  “It has made the amount of sick leave people are taking much more visible not just to managers, but to employees themselves,” says Brendon.  “It’s easy for people to lose track of just how much time they have been taking off, but with Cezanne OnDemand they can see it recorded plainly on the system and it raises their own awareness of their attendance levels.”
SiteMinder has also found the reporting tools that are integral to the product really useful for providing the data needed to support business decisions.  “The business is growing quickly and we are constantly adding staff so having all employee data in one central place and being able to pull the information we need for budgets and month-end reports straight out of the system has been really helpful,” said Brendon. 
SiteMinder has been impressed by the level of service it has received from the Cezanne OnDemand team – and is particularly pleased with the regular updates and new features that are constantly being added to the product.
“The support has been really responsive and the communication is excellent,” says Brendon.  “But most of all we are confident that we are not using a ‘dead’ product.  It is being updated all the time and there’s a good chance that if a feature we need isn’t there right now, it will be incorporated before too long.”