SQS invests in employees with iTrent Performance Management by MidlandHR

The SQS Group in the UK and Ireland has successfully completed the first round of employee appraisals using Performance Management, part of iTrent, the specialist cloud-based HR and payroll solution from MidlandHR.
The leading software quality company selected MidlandHR’s iTrent as part of a five year contract for its ability to integrate with other systems and deliver effective, comprehensive performance management from onboarding and regular performance reviews through to leavers.
Claudia Sneddon, HR Manager at SQS, explains: “The company decided to join up the basic HR admin and payroll systems with the finance system. Because payroll sat outside the other systems, all calculations needed to be manually calculated, taking up time and allowing human errors to creep in. iTrent was selected because it offered a complete HR and payroll suite to track the entire employee lifecycle and also integrated with the finance department. Self-service and the ability to move our existing recruitment data into iTrent were also of interest.
“iTrent Performance Management cuts out reams of manual paperwork for what is quite a complex performance framework for 316 employees in the UK and 96 in the Republic of Ireland. The first round of appraisals was a great success and our managers really like the system. What used to take half a day per employee now takes less than an hour. The performance reviews have enabled us to identify areas for development around which a structured programme of development can be tailored for each employee. This includes qualifications, CPD activities, skills, memberships, learning activities and checks. As achievements are recorded, iTrent automatically updates the employee’s progression within the plan, even sending warning alerts when achievements are not on track with timescales.”
Declan McGrath, managing director at MidlandHR, adds: “The value of performance management is enhanced organisational performance. It’s about getting clear visibility of the organisational objectives, how day-to-day activities are aligned to those objectives, ensuring people are fully equipped and engaged to achieve goals, as well as identifying and rewarding good performers and proactively managing poor ones.
“While many organisations may still be using paper-based methods for employee appraisals, iTrent Performance Management is an online enabler for managers to objectively assess and drive improved performance levels. SQS employees can access the full suite of iTrent modules which is integrated with Business Objects to form a single, central database from which all changes are automatically relayed throughout the system. This ensures business information is as streamlined, accessible and accurate as it can be.”
Commenting on the benefits that iTrent is already delivering, Sneddon continues: “We do very little in terms of updating payroll now because iTrent Payroll automates complex processes in line with UK regulations and minimises time-consuming administrative tasks. This makes the payroll process a lot smoother with no duplication and far fewer human errors. And because there are no errors in the system and it’s so intuitive, the HR department spends just half a day on payroll admin each month.
“The staff love the ePayslips which are accessed through iTrent’s Employee Self-Service. This further reduces the payroll office’s administrative workload by allowing employees to view and print their payslip history, booking holidays and maintaining basic personal data such as address and bank account details. Online accessibility enables our consultants who often work remotely at client sites, to access and update details whenever necessary.
We’re already seeing significant benefits, not only in terms of improved processes and people data but also cost savings, and look forward to reaping further value once we fully get to grips with the system,” concludes Sneddon. “We’re also looking at the possibility of rolling out Web Recruitment in Germany and the Netherlands and, based on success there, other SQS countries to support global recruitment reporting.”
SQS is a leading specialist in software quality, operating five offices across the UK and one in Dublin. The full suite of iTrent modules were implemented including Payroll, core HR, Web Recruitment/Recruitment and online Performance Management.