St Andrews links pay, hours and HR for seamless management with Carval’s HR Unity

Historic Scottish golf course and retail business manages seasonal demands for staff with integrated Time and Attendance, Payroll and HR software from Carval

Carval Computing has announced that St Andrews Links is using its HR Unity solution to manage working hours and payroll for staff across its seven golf courses, golf shops and clubhouse facilities.  With a mixture of seasonal, part-time and permanent staff working variable hours to meet both demand and daylight hours, St Andrews Links Trust is able to manage annualised hours contracts as well as running payrolls for hourly paid workers using HR Unity’s fully integrated Payroll, Time and Attendance and HR software. Originally replacing a manual paper-based system, HR Unity enables the HR Manager and one part-time payroll assistant to administer the payroll and manage staff contracted hours for all of the Trust’s 350 staff.

According to Ann Stuart, HR Manager at St Andrews; “Our business is very seasonal and to cope with demand we have annualised hours contracts for permanent staff and pay seasonal staff based on an hourly rate. Carval’s HR Unity enables us to manage this complex requirement of a highly diverse workforce smoothly.  We are able to meet seasonal demands efficiently while ensuring that our staff are looked after year round.”

The recruitment module within the Carval HR Unity software has also brought efficiencies, enabling the HR administration process to be streamlined from receipt of the application. 

Where events are held off-site and the clocking terminals can’t be used, managers can log a business absence within the system to ensure that the correct hours are maintained. The absence tracking feature provides an audit trail should there be an attendance issue or dispute. Holidays and sickness are also administered through the system. A self-certification form has been created as well as a return to work form, which saves time for both staff and managers.   

Ann continues; “Our staff know that they are going to be paid the right amount. All staff clock in and out using a proximity card for the buildings, which makes it easier to track, maintains security and ensures transparency. The system is really easy to use, staff like the visibility, they can see that everyone is treated fairly, and we are able to produce comprehensive management reports at the click of a button.”

John Ovington, Sales and Support Director at Carval commented; “St Andrews is a long established business that has successfully embraced new ways of working to support its growing success. The challenges of managing a seasonal business with the right staffing levels can be extremely costly in time and administration. This is where the benefits of adopting integrated HR, Time and Attendance and Payroll systems can be quickly realised. For staff, too, it gives confidence that working hours are accurately and fairly captured and compensated, improving overall efficiency and morale.”