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Staff Squared’s mission is to change the way SMEs manage their staff for the better, forever.
We’re more than just a web application, we’re a movement. We define success not just in curating sign ups and pleasing our boss, but spreading the word about building better principles of staff management in small to medium sized businesses. With the world a more connected place the management of people is now more important than ever.
What drives us
People around the world are better connected and communicate more effectively than ever. We believe that it is now time for openness and innovation to become an intrinsic part of the workplace in both small and medium organisations - and that this opportunity should not be prohibitively expensive or difficult to implement.
Staff Squared is a world-class application that is easy to implement, cost effective and makes SME environments a better place to work, which makes life better for all of us
Our efforts are comprised of four key principles, which are to:
  1. Take onerous staff management methodologies usually reserved for large organisations and reduce them down to core components for SMEs to benefit from
  2. Proactively engage employers and staff to communicate without the need for arbitrary and overbearing appraisals
  3. Give SMEs the opportunity to demonstrate they care about their staff
  4. Show a tangible improvement in the way that HR is managed in SMEs by 2014
Staff Squared Social HR software keeps everything together
The dashboard is the heart of what you do - keep track of holiday requests, staff reviews, important business deadlines and other important reminders.
Centralise your employee data
Getting your staff HR data and processes in one place ensures everything is up to date and you’re always on top of your HR.
You can also create groups to keep people organised (i.e. a "marketing" or "customer service" group).
See everyone’s schedule on one beautiful calendar
It’s no longer a pain to coordinate everyone’s schedules. Staff Squared brings holiday, sickness, birthdays and other important reminders from all staff together in one place.
You can even create company events for tracking and sharing appointments via your Staff Squared calendar.
Go on holiday
Employees log in to their Staff Squared account to request holidays effortlessly. Staff Squared automatically keeps track of employee holiday and sickness easily and alerts you when possible issues are spotted or limits you have defined are reached.
Keep your documents on Staff Squared so everyone knows where to find them
Share any file with your team or client by just dragging it from your desktop right into your web browser. That’s all there is to it. When you keep your files in Staff Squared, everyone knows where they can find the latest version.
Get organised
Staff Squared tracks your organisation chart automatically, so you can quickly spot and fix any hierarchy anomalies.
Like Staff Squared our plans are simple:
 £3 per user per month - no minimum amount
No minimum contracts, no set up fees and no fuss. 


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