[Sweden] British Öresund commuters given no-deal Brexit protection

The British embassy says British citizens who already live in Sweden and commute to work across the Öresund Bridge in Copenhagen will keep the same tax and employment conditions in the event of a no-deal Brexit, The Local reports.

At a town hall meeting in Malmö Dr Jonas Bruun, from the British embassy in Copenhagen, told UK citizens, "In the case of no deal, provided that you were working in Copenhagen at the time of whatever exit date, then you are fine to keep on in that existing employment."

However, for Brits looking for a job in Copenhagen - or those who have employment but then lose it - the future is more uncertain.

Dr Bruun said, "It becomes a little bit more complicated if you lose that job in a no-deal situation. The Danish legislation does not cover what will happen in that situation."

Bruun later told The Local that the Danish Ministry of Employment had confirmed to him that anyone with the status of 'frontier worker' when the UK leaves the European Union would still be entitled to unemployment benefit if they lost their jobs.

British citizens would also be able to change jobs between Danish employers without altering their situation. But they would not be able to relocate to take a new job in Sweden and later return to working in Denmark with the same rights.

"You can go from Lego to Carlsberg. But you can't work in Sweden and then come back," Dr Bruun said.

Brits who lose their 'frontier worker' status will no longer be able to take advantage of the ‘frontier worker’ deal between Sweden and Denmark. Unless a new deal is reached to cover this, they will reportedly be treated in the same way as "third country citizens".

Under a 2003 deal between Denmark and Sweden, Öresund commuters pay income tax in Denmark at the same time as receiving healthcare, education and other welfare in Sweden.

The problem for workers crossing the Öresund Bridge arose because Sweden announced a one-year 'grace period' for UK citizens but Denmark is not offering a similar arrangement.