Talentia HR software Epson case study

“As a technology business, our managers are well versed in working with the latest technology. Talentia Software’s self-service HR solution has aided us by providing instant access to key performance and employee information, right at our fingertips.”
Ethan Kelly-Wilson, Senior HR Manager EMEAR, Epson Europe
As a market leader in digital imaging technology, Epson identified a need for a system that would align the HR systems used across Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia (EMEAR) and provide reporting tools and alerts to HR managers at both a local and central level. Nine separate systems were previously used by Epson across this geographical spread with additional spreadsheets generated by each. Talentia Software’s HR software has significantly simplified the HR process by providing one consistent approach to data. 
Key benefits:
·       A HR platform that serves as an “enabler” towards a more integrated approach to management
·       A simplified process as a result of one common HR platform across EMEAR
·       The solution’s self-service element provides fast access to key HR information across the region
·       Employees find the online system easier to use than the previous paper-based appraisal processes
·       Time savings allow Epson’s central HR team to operate at a more strategic level for the business.
Talentia Software’s HR platform has enabled Epson’s central HR team to easily access EMEAR-wide employee details and data. It has also facilitated the integration of management across Europe and other geographies through the dissemination of information to relevant local teams responsible for specific business functions. The platform is used by over 1,800 members of staff across 26 countries – including more than 300 in the UK – and is available in six languages.
Working closely alongside Epson, Talentia’s system has facilitated integrated working for the firm across EMEAR. The system offers flexibility and has been configured to make it work specifically for the company, ensuring that any workflows created by employees are routed through the appropriate local HR team – allowing the central team to focus on key strategic issues.
As a result of the solution’s success, Epson has now introduced a performance management system from Talentia in order to identify key talent and assist with organisational planning within the business. The system’s key aim is to enable Epson to effectively succession plan for the future through the use of irrefutable data rather than basing decisions primarily on management feedback. Talentia continues to work closely with Epson to support ongoing improvements and to develop the solution based on business requirements.