Talentia to unveil evolution of HCManagement solution

Talentia’s new HCM solution will be showcased for the very first time at the 2014 CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition, taking place at Manchester Central from 5-6 November. The announcement of the new Talentia HCM follows the findings of a recent survey of senior HR Directors and Managers, which found there to be a lack of understanding about big data and its benefits. The solution will harness data analytics to enable HR teams to use available information for corporate advantage.
“We are now operating in a new world of HR, and fundamentally this is about facilitating transparency and collaboration between departments in order to aid company productivity, profitability and growth,” states Julie Windsor, Managing Director at Talentia Software UK. “Talentia HCM has been specifically developed to capitalise on the growing need amongst businesses of all sizes to understand and interpret data. Interactive dashboards easily visualise key HR information in real-time, helping to inform both HR teams and line managers and ultimately aid decision-making through accurate business intelligence.”
The configurable self-service HCM system, that has been created with ease of navigation at the forefront, will offer HR professionals, CIOs, CEOs and business owners the opportunity to easily manage a number of key processes, including recruitment; onboarding; compensation and benefits; talent management and succession planning. Recognising the growing importance of social media from a recruitment perspective, Talentia HCM also integrates closely with professional social networks to form talent pools from both internal and external candidates.
“The evolving needs of both UK and international businesses have been core to the development of Talentia’s new HCM solution, which has been designed to support employees at all stages of their professional development. Its functionality covers a wide breadth of tasks that we believe will be of significant benefit to HR practitioners and free up time for strategic activity,” adds Julie Windsor. “The solution will also provide firms with a global view of their workforce and is accessible across mobile devices, allowing for heightened access for increasingly mobile HR teams.”
Talentia’s recent survey of senior HR practitioners found that a sizeable majority (85%) of respondents were actively looking for ways to improve employee engagement, a core focus of Talentia HCM which offers continuous talent development through profiling, succession and career planning, flexible performance appraisals and in-built social functionality. In addition to driving motivation, reward and development, a key benefit of Talentia HCM for forward-looking firms is being able to prepare for the future by monitoring and responding to skills gaps, flight risks and monitoring the health of internal succession planning.
The user-friendly Talentia HCM software integrates with other third party solutions and is fully supported with a range of implementation, support and account management services. Its wealth of functionality also includes the ability to conduct surveys on any topic to ascertain employee engagement and to visualise, at a glance, where employees sit within the structure of the business through organisational charting.
The benefits of Talentia HCM are outlined in a new video