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The collaboration of HR & Payroll using integrated technology

 A Cascade HR White Paper

The collaboration of HR and payroll data and knowledge can reap numerous benefits for an organisation. It is therefore no surprise that many companies seek to integrate the two departments so that added value can be achieved from a closer working relationship.
Yet this team integration is not always possible, nor is it right for every organisation. But that doesn’t mean companies do not want to align processes and procedures and actualise the advantages as a result.
Drawing upon years of experience working with clients within virtually every vertical sector, Cascade has collated the insights, successes and difficulties it has witnessed when attempting to bring greater unity to the HR and payroll function.
Designed to be a useful resource this White Paper therefore looks at the integration process, the decisions surrounding the suitability of integration, the arguments for and against integration, and the collaborative solutions that can be achieved if integration just is not possible.
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