The Definitive Guide to Onboarding - A BambooHR White Paper

There’s a lot of noise about talent. Where to find it, how to attract it, hire it and keep it. Everyone’s talking about talent because that’s what makes your company awesome. Having great people equals success. But in the middle of all that noise is the bridge that gaps finding the talent and keeping it: onboarding.
It’s taken HR and managers a lot of time and money—sifting through resumes, doing loads of interviews, finding the person with the right skills who will also be a good fit—to narrow it down to one person. But you finally found the right person, made an offer and it was accepted! Hallelujah!
After that incredible and expensive effort, you have your new hire standing before you, equal parts excited and nervous about being there on the first day of work. What many companies don’t realize is that they’re not done recruiting yet. Yes, your new hire is there, ready to begin work, but your job is far from done.
You must be recruiting well into your new hire’s first few months. In fact, studies have shown that most new employees (87 percent of them according to a study by the Aberdeen Group) aren’t fully committed to a new job for the first six months.
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