The Talent Architect

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"According to “conventional” wisdom, the single most critical component (and the toughest to measure) in any organization is its talent. The quest to find the best, to keep the best, to leverage the best is the subject of thousands of books and the cornerstone of many prominent academic careers. 
What used to be called “personnel” has morphed from “Human Resources” to “Human Capital Management,” and now, (drum roll please) we call it “Talent Management.” The names have changed. Has anything else?
As The Talent Architect, I blend strategic Human Capital Management, the latest tools of technology and industrial/organizational psychology, a marketing approach to Talent Acquisition (read Staffing & Recruiting), well-placed compensation “carrots” and performance management “sticks,” a never-ending quest to quantify and measure results with traditional concerns about legal compliance.
And . . . I believe strategic workforce planning and workforce development are essential components to building a winning organization. I create a unique workforce foundation for each client, depending on the market and competitive conditions. The goal is to beat the competition. Great people with the right tools can do that.
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