[UK] Payroll Giving Agencies

Another question that we frequently receive is how to set up a Payroll Giving scheme through the payroll.  Payroll Giving is a way in which the employer can give employees the option of making a donation to charity that is tax free.  Given the queries we are receiving, we are taking this as an indication that more employers are wanting to offer this to their employees.

In our newsletter this week, we want to point readers to the HMRC Payroll Giving page that says the first thing an employer must do is contact a Payroll Giving agency.  At the same time then, it is worth pointing readers to the list of organisations approved and monitored by HMRC for Payroll Giving purposes which has recently been updated.

But it is worthwhile relaying the comment from HMRC about the list:

“The list does not include all approved Payroll Giving agencies, only those that ask to be included. Some agencies restrict services to particular employers and do not take on other employers.

Approved agencies that are not listed here will be able to produce a letter of approval from HMRC if required by employers.”

Global Payroll Association Comment

The message therefore is that just because an agency does not appear on the list does not mean that it isn’t approved by HMRC.