[UK] Upcoming Bank Holidays

We have just had the last of the bank holidays for 2019, leaving aside Christmas.  These are such important dates in the payroll calendar to ensure that we pay our workers on time.

Given the June 2019 announcement about the change of a bank holiday day in 2020, the Global Payroll Association thought that this was a good time to remind professionals of the UK bank holidays that are upcoming for the rest of 2019 and 2020:


  • Wednesday 25th of December – Christmas Day
  • Thursday 26th of December – Boxing Day


  • Wednesday 1st of January – New Year’s Day
  • Friday 10th of April – Good Friday
  • Monday 13th of April – Easter Monday
  • Friday 8th of May 2020 – Early May (75th anniversary of VE Day)
  • Monday 25th of May – Spring Bank Holiday
  • Monday 31st of August – Summer Bank Holiday
  • Friday 25th of December – Christmas Day
  • Monday 28th of December – Boxing Day (substitute)


Scotland and Northern Ireland

It is actually important to say that the above apply in England and Wales only but they are UK bank holidays (when the banks are closed for transactions).  But banking may be affected by bank holidays and regional holidays that apply in Scotland and Northern Ireland. 


Be careful about the following days:


  • Monday 2nd of December – St Andrew’s Day (substitute) Scotland only



  • Thursday 2nd of January – New Year’s (additional) Scotland only
  • Tuesday 17 March – St Patrick’s Day Northern Ireland only
  • Monday 13 July – Battle of the Boyne (substitute) Northern Ireland only
  • Monday 3rd of August is the August holiday Scotland (it is not a holiday on Monday 31st of August as it is in the rest of the UK)
  • Monday 30 November – St Andrew’s Day Scotland only

Also be aware of regional days in Scotland for “Winter Holidays” in some regions and floating “September Weekends” that are often seen as replacements for the Summer Bank Holiday in the rest of the UK.