Vegan Sausage Roll Gives Staff A Bonus At Gregg’s

Gregg’s plc issued their trading statement for 2019 on 08 January 2020.  It started with a “special thank you” to staff for an exceptional year, announcing that total sales had increased by 13.5% in 2019, up from 7.2% in 2018.  The update talks of growth being strong across its traditional ranges as well as the “now-iconic vegan-friendly sausage roll”.

Chief Executive Roger Whiteside announced that the company had set aside £7 million as a “special payment” to employees.  This will apply across the business.

The Guardian reported that employee’s across the chain’s 2,000 + outlets will receive a bonus of up to £300 each in January 2020.  For staff that have been with the company before and up to March 2019 (some 19,000 employees), the full £300 will be paid.  Others will receive £75 for each quarter they were with the company up to December 2019.

However, whilst announcing the good news for the company and employees, Mr Whiteside stated that one of the “cost headwinds” in the coming year was the above inflation increases to the National Minimum and Living Wages.  These will be mitigated through “business efficiency”.

Global Payroll Association Comment

Mt Whiteside’s views will be echoed by many employers across the UK who will have these increases imposed on them in April 2020. 

So, whilst the January 2020 bonus is good news for employees, there is a note of caution for the times ahead and it remains to be seen how “business efficiency” manifests itself.