Vendor Updates on RTI & Auto-Enrolment

Advanced Business Solutions
Advanced are actively working with HMRC to support current payroll customers through this transition. We are part of the initial pilot programme and at present all is coming along well.
We have created an RTI whitepaper (see in White Paper section) as well as a microsite to help payroll personnel better understand how the changes will affect them.  We are also running a series of seminars in accordance with CIPP and HMRC to educate our users. 
Bond Teamspirit
The development of Teamspirit in respect of RTI and Auto-enrolment are at the forefront of our minds and will be ready to meet the respective timetables for all of our clients.  Bond Teamspirit and a small number of our clients are confirmed as part of the second RTI pilot with final RTI ready software being made available to all our clients in the Teamspirit statutory 13.1 release. The functionality required for Auto-enrolment will be available in Teamspirit's autumn 12.3 release.
Carval Computing
 With Carval’s Uniwage Payroll Software you can rest assured that you will always be processing your payroll in line with UK legislation. Uniwage has HMRC Enhanced Recognition, is RTI-ready and includes all the tools you need to meet your Workplace Pension Reform and auto-enrolment responsibilities, helping automate the monitoring and management of eligibility, postponement, opting out and 3 year reminders in line with current and future legislation. What’s more Carval’s regular upgrade path means you will always have the latest version of their software available to you at no additional cost.
Cascade HR
Auto-enrolment has long been a discussion topic at Cascade’s Leeds HQ. In March managing director Alan Jones shared some of his opinions surrounding the ever-unfolding new initiative. Elsewhere Cascade’s software development director Dan Edwards and his highly-skilled team are currently building specific functionality within a new module that will cater for the efficient management of auto-enrolment workflow. This functionality will be released in April 2013 as a commitment to existing clients – the largest of which will require the system by this date – and new clients in the future.

Cascade can add value. Intuitive technology can help simplify the processes and procedures involved:
  • Proactive workflows will help alleviate the auto-enrolment headache and will ensure employers do not feel overwhelmed by the tasks associated with this new initiative. Workflows will be especially useful when taking on new starters, or knowing what to do next if an employee opts-in or opts-out
  • Software triggers will automatically notify the HR and payroll team if an eligible pay threshold has been met, and therefore if an auto-enrolment consultation needs to take place with a given employee. This of course saves time running off reports or analysing masses of data
  • Flexible systems can be configured to suit organisations’ different employment scenarios
  • Products with a long-term development strategy will ensure clients are future-proofed from ongoing industry developments such as RTI
  • A dedicated customer service function will provide guidance, support and additional consultancy time, whenever it is needed.

There are important changes taking place in payroll that affect HR data and processes. From April 2013 HMRC will be using Real Time Information (RTI) to improve the operation of the PAYE tax system. Under RTI, employers will report tax and NIC deductions at the same time as they pay their employees rather than at year end. CIPHR Payroll can help you to comply with the RTI requirements.  Click here to find out more about the changes and see how they might affect you.
ResourceLink Aurora is the first HR and payroll solution to be recognised by HMRC for RTI checks using EDI, providing further reassurance to our customers during a time of major change. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes alongside our customers to ensure that ResourceLink Aurora quickly and accurately adapts to new RTI requirements. Recent research we conducted suggested that there was some concern surrounding RTI, but we have been working with HMRC to help iron these out.
Organisations are right not to be unduly concerned about WPR but they do need to start preparing now if they want the transition to be pain-free; there are a number of new processes involved so early preparation is key. This is a transformational change for pensions in the UK, and although it will cause upheaval in the short term, our research found that the majority of organisations have received the reform positively. This is encouraging news for The Pensions Regulator, which has spent a lot of time consulting with the payroll industry, to ensure that this is a well-considered and practical reform. NGA is preparing customers for their staging dates in a number of ways including business reviews to understand the financial impact of WPR, employee communication packages to assist with additional HR administration e.g. standard letters, and enhancements to technology to ensure the transition to WPR is as smooth as possible.
New rules regarding submission of payroll information to HMRC in real time (RTI) come in to effect in April 2013 and the mandatory automatic enrolment of new and existing employees into pension schemes comes in to effect from October 2012 on a staged basis through to 2017.
For every HR team there are potentially large changes to be made operationally, especially in terms of record keeping, as a result of these new rules. For all recruiters, in light of existing agency worker regulations (AWR), the implications could be even more complex.
The date by which you must adhere to these pension changes differs based on your organisation size. Register for our 2012 half day events to find out more:

1 October, Intellect, Russell Square,
19 October, webinar,

Auto-Enrolment: How the Sage HR & Payroll solution will support this change
Sage HR & Payroll’s team of experts have worked closely with The Pensions Regulator and a number of customers to analyse the requirements, and to define the functionality required to enable our customers to automate the process of auto-enrolling all eligible job holders. 
How can your payroll software help manage the additional administration? 
The following processes will be supported in Sage’s SnowdropKCS solution: 
Automatically enrol eligible job holders depending on certain criteria. For instance, when an employee reaches 22 years of age or when their pay reaches the right level in a pay period, they will automatically be placed into the pension scheme 
Easily inform eligible job holders they have been automatically enrolled using the inbuilt mail merge or email facility 
Allow the user to process opt-outs when notified by the pension company, retaining a history of opt-in and opt-out dates over time 
Deduct minimum contribution rates as laid down in legislation or your pension scheme if this is equivalent or better 
Periodically re-enrol eligible job holders who are not in a qualifying pension scheme 
Provide reports to support the requirement to periodically register with the regulator, giving details of the scheme and the number of people auto-enrolled 
We will be releasing this functionality in the autumn of 2012, allowing plenty of time before the first staging dates.
Real Time Information
Sage HR & Payroll have completed the development of the RTI functionality and our first two customers went live on the pilot in May 2012 with a further 10 customers going live in July. There is an opportunity for more customers to join the pilot in November 2012.  
SDMS V HRPersonnel for Windows Version 6 due for release in June 2012 will include enhancements to its Pension Management Module to address pensions auto-enrolment for employees.
Wealden Computing
The development of Wealden’s HRWorks Payroll in respect of RTI and Auto-enrolment has been at the forefront of our minds over the past 12 months and will be ready to meet the respective timetables for all of our clients, so you can rest assured that you will always be processing your payroll in line with UK legislation. Wealden and a small number of our clients are confirmed as part of the second RTI pilot with final RTI ready software being made available to all our clients in the latest releases of our software for both commercial and public sector environments.

 The RTI migration strategy will be published shortly by HMRC, Wealden’s support team will keep all of Wealden’s Payroll clients informed of the timetable and ensure that clients are alerted to their respective start dates.