[Vietnam] Vietnam in top 10 for expats

In addition to rising above Thailand in the world rankings, Vietnam now holds 10th place overall in the best countries list for expatriates, Emigrate UK reports.

With its war-torn history firmly behind it, Vietnam now places 10th in a survey looking at the best and worst locations in the world for expats. The Expat Explorer survey was commissioned by HSBC and assessed 163 countries during March and April 2019. It considered economic stability, urban living, work-life balance, political stability and other factors of expat living like the cost of living, career progression and disposable income. 

Respondents who now live and work in Vietnam expressed their initial surprise at the benefits the country offers, including the beneficial combination of the low cost of living and unexpected wage increases. Average annual earnings for qualified professionals can reach $90,408, far in excess of the average Vietnamese annual income which is approximately $2,500. 

The friendliness of locals and the ease of settling in together with a good work/life balance helped propel Vietnam to its top 10 spot. Malaysia and Thailand, countries formerly in closer competition with Vietnam, came in with 16th and 22nd place. 

In 2018’s Expat Explorer survey, Vietnam ranked 18th, it has gained eight points in a single year. The survey result is welcome news for the around 82,000 expats living and working in the country, in particular, those employed to teach children English. The next generation is reportedly keen to embrace the world of 21st-century work and recreation and learn a language which opens so many doors. 

Working as an English teacher in Vietnam earns more than just a high salary for the ESL (English as a second language) educators, it also gives the country’s youth an advantage in a highly competitive region, particularly in the tech sector. 

Last year’s HSBC survey also rated the country the 10th friendliest on the planet for expats.