Wakefield Council achieves six month iTrent upgrade in partnership with MidlandHR


Wakefield Council has extended its partnership with MidlandHR to take advantage of iTrent - the all in one web solution for talent management, workforce planning, HR and payroll. The Council, which employs over 13,000 people, successfully implemented the first phase of the project comprising, HR Self-Service and Payroll, in the six months from October 2011 to April 2012. 

The West Yorkshire-based Council upgraded to iTrent to support its strategic HR and payroll objective of implementing a fully integrated ‘people resource management system’ with robust payroll. The long-running partnership between MidlandHR and Wakefield Council since 2003 provided a further excellent opportunity to work together collaboratively to make the most of the solution, which will be implemented in two phases. The Council has successfully implemented HR, Payroll and Self-Service, and the remaining modules, including Rostering, Learning and Development, Performance Management and Web Recruitment, among others, will go live in a phased approach with completion expected by May 2013. iTrent also satisfies the Council’s need for a system that meets the complex legislative requirements of a public sector organisation.  

“We see ourselves working in partnership with MidlandHR to model excellent change management and really ensure we maximize all the benefits iTrent offers,” comments Helen Grantham, Service Director for People and Customers at Wakefield Council. “These benefits are about efficiency, effectiveness, costs and more importantly, the opportunity to support the effective management of people resources. This will ensure we continue to help employees meet their personal goals, deliver quality services and focus on the Council's priorities.

“Self-Service will be integral to the new provision and is going to be accessible to all managers and employees across the Council, not just HR and Finance. iTrent will be available to all employees, which will allow back office changes in real time, and allow us to concentrate resources on added value activity and our front line services. 
“We chose to stay with MidlandHR not only due to our long running successful relationship but because we are confident that iTrent will help us continue with our track record of innovation and excellence and maintain our reputation as an employer of choice. We were keen to have a prompt implementation to minimise risk to payroll continuity and build on existing Self-Service arrangements. This has been made much easier due to the strong relationships already in place with the team at MidlandHR. iTrent offers us significant financial savings and benefits via web recruitment, e-payslips and distance working, as well as future income from external sources. We will also be able to monitor absence more accurately and reduce staff turnover through iTrent, which will help us maximise efficiency and ensure HR departmental time is spent on value-added services instead of administration. We see iTrent as a true platform for further improvement and growth.” 

Declan McGrath, managing director at MidlandHR, adds: “Wakefield Council is one of local government’s strongest success stories, as it is still delivering significant regeneration despite the recession. Wakefield Council has a reputation as an employer of choice, and we are proud to be a part of its success. Our working partnership has been of great benefit to both MidlandHR and the Council, and we look forward to seeing Wakefield’s achievements continue to grow.”

Wakefield Council in West Yorkshire covers a district of some 350 square kilometres with around 315,000 households. Wakefield is home to the internationally renowned sculpture gallery, The Hepworth Wakefield as well as Pontefract Castle and the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Wakefield Council has a number of major regeneration projects underway, including a new city centre swimming pool, as well as several new housing, leisure and commercial developments across the district.